Conductor's Note

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"Your Neighborhood Orchestra"


Great performances, great music and great times at 43!

The Macomb Symphony Orchestra has been serving the community in and around Macomb County for over four decades. If you have been with us, you know that we are a fully professional ensemble numbering 72 players that offers great music and great entertainment for your enjoyment and at a resaonable cost. We count on you, our neighbors and friends to seve as our "sounding board." We are not sponsored by either Macomb Community College or the Macomb Center. Without you, our audience, without contributors and advertisers, we would be a distinctly different orchetra.

The Macomb Symphony Orchestra wishes to thank the DTE Energy Foundation for its generous grant which will help support the arts and arts education as expressed by the sponsorship of our March and April 2018 concerts.


The 2017-2018 season promises more enrichment while having a great time. The October concert features German music, in part, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, begun in Germany in 1517. The ever popular holilday concert will highlight the Macomb Ballet in portions of  The Nutcracker. The growing popularity of the "intimate orchestra," suitable for baroque music has many in our audience clamoring for Bach, Vivaldi and the like. We'll conclude the season in April with "Just for a Laugh," without humor, would we be truly human? In addition to Mozart's take on humor, we will provide insights into the typical shenanigans that happen at a typical rehearsal with many smiles. Film Nino Rotta created it and we'll play it.

Enjoy the music!

Thomas Cook,
Music Director

Our Upcoming Concerts & Events


Just for a Laugh

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Friday, April 20th, 2018 8:00 p.m.

Image result for Laughing Clip ArtWe’ll have real fun at the season finale. Humor is what keeps us human, maybe what keeps us sane!  This concert will put a smile on your face and maybe a giggle in your throat.  Mozart has left us with A Musical Joke, his take on what untrained village musicians might play. 

 Overflowing with wit and high spirits is Ibert’s Divertissement (a diversion). Incorporated in its six movements is a”wrong note” waltz, a miniature comic opera overture and a furious parade and march.