MSO friends & family,

The Macomb Symphony Orchestra has been serving the community in and around Macomb County for over four decades. If you have been with us, you know that we are a fully professional ensemble numbering 72 players that offers great music and great enterainment for your enjoyment and at a reasonable cost. We count on you, our neighbors and friends to serve as our "sounding board." We are not sponsored by either Macomb Community College or the Macomb Center. Without you, our audience, without contributors and advertisers, we would be a distinctly different orchestra.

The 2021-22 season will provide some pleasant surprises intended to enrich your life and that of the community. For starters, the annual concert of ethnic music in October will honor Austria's capital in grand tradition. Our audience has come to anticipate the holiday music themed concert with film clips that serve as the movie source. AND, yes we will perform highlights from the Nutcracker featuring members of the Macomb Ballet. The growing popularity of the "intimate orchestra," suitable for baroque music has many in our audience clamoring for Bach, Handel and the like, will take place at Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica. We'll conclude the season in April with "Colorful Images" with music from Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition."


Our gratitude for our donors, patrons, partners, and community of music lovers is unwavering. Without you, we simply could not exist! We hope that you all remain safe and healthy, and look forward to seeing you at our season concerts.

We would also like to thank the individuals, groups, and businesses that have supported us and continue to do so.

See you at the Symphony,

Thomas Cook,
Music Director & Conductor