Board of Directors

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Board of Directors 2017-18
President-Ronald Rose
TotalLife Changes-Business Manager
Vice President-
Treasurer-Katherine Smith,
Chartered Accountant
Secretary-Dominika Lazarska

Board Members

Fred Hoops

John Corrado
Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church (Retired Clergyman)
Darrett Pullins
Adjunct Faculty, Humanities MCC and OCC
Associate Faculty History, University of Phoenix
Kathleen Bard
Retired Music Teacher-Chippewa Valley School District

Gina Rieck

Joan Blair

Dr. Bonnie Ellis

Ronald Lindroth

Exofficio-Thomas Cook
Music Director
Exofficio-Michele Demski-Meurer

Executive Assistant
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Macomb Symphony Orchestra is to encourage education, interest in and the preservation of symphonic music relevant to a diverse audience through the talents of professional community musicians and local artists.



















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