Just for a Laugh

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Friday, April 20th, 2018 8:00 p.m.

Image result for Laughing Clip ArtWe’ll have real fun at the season finale. Humor is what keeps us human, maybe what keeps us sane!  This concert will put a smile on your face and maybe a giggle in your throat.  Mozart has left us with A Musical Joke, his take on what untrained village musicians might play. 

 Overflowing with wit and high spirits is Ibert’s Divertissement (a diversion). Incorporated in its six movements is a”wrong note” waltz, a miniature comic opera overture and a furious parade and march. 

Perhaps the high light of the evening will be a performance of Provo d’Orchestra, a behind the scenes glimpse into everything that can go wrong at an orchestra rehearsal. This seldom heard work is by Nino Rotta, well known for his film scores.  Maybe the high jinx you will witness can be expected in Italian orchestras, but never the Macomb Symphony! 

 You will not be able to keep “a stiff upper lip” at this concert.