Macomb Symphony Guild

The lifeblood of any arts organization is those who volunteer. There is always a need for members of the community to participate in the ongoing work of the Orchestra in a number of ways. Our audiences see and hear the results of the talented musicians, soloists and, occasionally, dancers. What they don’t see is all the work that it takes to bring performances into reality. Volunteers with a variety of skills and abilities make the Orchestra work! If you would like the find out more about this wonderful opportunity, please fill out the form below.

Only some of the tasks undertaken by volunteers include:

  • Meeting and greeting patrons on concert night, often with materials for the audience
  • Distributing programs and other materials at youth concerts and in the park settings
  • Contacting patrons by phone or in person
    Serving at the Symphony Boutique on concert nights
  • Participating in the MSO moving crew for off site concerts and events
  • Preparing and presenting refreshments at MSO rehearsals
  • Serving as outreach ambassadors in the community to help publicize the MSO and solicit ads
  • Doing computer related office work, either on site or at home
  • Benefits of Guild membership include invitations to open rehearsals and discounts at the Boutique on concert nights.

Contact the Macomb Symphony NOW. A good time will be had by all AND you’ll be contributing an essential part to the the world of great music making.

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